TENS Unit Therapy- Finding the Best Device

Tens Unit stands for Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulator. TENS was first invented by Clyde Norman The sole Purpose of a TENS unit is to conduct and distribute an electrical pulse around the problem area (Pain) While Ultimately making contact with the nerve. These devices are available to the domestic market and are used to reduce and Relieve chronic and acute pain. The Electrical pulse penetrate the muscle hitting the central nervous system this in turn sends an electrical pulse to the brain blocking the pain signals.

These Portable Pain Relief TENS Therapy Devices work wonders for someone who is dealing with Chronic Pain such as…

  • Herniated Disc
  • Bulging Disc
  • Arthritis
  • Sciatic Nerve
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Neck and Upper and Lower Back Pain

Chiropractors use TENS Therapy for a Variety of reasons as the Portable Pain Relief Device has an array of benefits to someone who has had a Slipped Disc (L4,L5) Women who have been pregnant and suffered longtime acute pain through having the epidural, or even being injured in a car wreck can all result in lifetime consequences leading into chronic pain. Most people first hear about TENS Therapy through there Chiropractor. They may use the Tens Unit or (Tens Machine) both pre and Post adjustments.

TENS units are non-invasive and safe, drug free choice of pain management that will  help decrease the need for medication (narcotics)  Chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, pain management, spinal decompression therapy, can all be supplemented. TENS units are also used for pain caused by peripheral nerves (Herniated Disc).

Finding the Best TENS THERAPY Device:

There comes a time where you will get tired of scheduling appointments and paying expensive co-pays to the Chiropractor. When it comes to finding the right TENS Unit so you can receive adequate TENS THERAPY treatment, we found THE top 3  Best TENS UNITS on the market available without a prescription. These Portable Pain Relief Devices Units are all OTC and FDA Compliant equipped with 5 Star Ratings.

  1. tens unit therapy PRP PRO 12 MODE TENS/EMS is geared towards clients  who have severe lower back pain such as herniated disc and bulging disc in the L4 L5 regions of the spine. Sciatic Nerve Problems and Fibromyalgia This device futures 12 modes… to learn more CLICK HERE



prp pr 8 tens unit



Walgreens Electrotherapy Unit Review

Walgreens Electrotherapy Unit Review

This Walgreens TENS Device Works Great for anyone on a budget who can’t quite afford the ones from medical Distributors like Pain Relief Palace and Healthmate Forever or LG MED.
Quick view
  • Stimulates nerves with relaxing pulses
  • Provides relief to sore, aching muscles
  • Adjustable intensity and speed


Well at Walgreens
Walgreens Pharmacist Recommended^

Electronic Pulse Stimulator
TENS Therapy Pain Relief

Multi-Use for Hands, Feet, Back, Arms, Legs, Neck, Shoulders & Waist

  • For the Temporary Relief of Muscle Pain
  • 5 Present Programs with Adjustable Intensity & Speed
  • LCD Display Screen

The Well at Walgreens Electronic Pulse TENS Therapy Pain Relief helps generate and deliver small pulses of electrical current to the user’s skin through adhesive electrode pads.  The device can be be used for temporary relief of pain associated with sore and aching muscles in the shoulders, waist, neck, back, arms, legs, hands and soles of feet due to strain from exercise or normal household and work activities.  Two different channels allow for application on multiple areas of the body.  Each channel can be connected to 2 electrode pads.  Intensity and speed can also be adjusted.  A Repeat button allows users to repeat a previous mode.

Temporary Therapeutic Pain Relief From:

  • Back / Waist Pain
  • Arm / Hand Pain
  • Leg Pain
  • Foot Pain
  • Neck / Shoulder Pain

TENS Therapy
TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation.  TENS therapy helps to gently stimulate the body’s nerves with relaxing pulses that help provide temporary relief to sore and aching muscles.


  • 1 – Control Unit
  • 4 – Reusable Pads (up to 80 Uses per Pad)

Walgreens Pharmacist Survey Study, November 2014.

100% Satisfaction guaranteed with all Walgreens products or your money back.

100% satisfaction guaranteed

The self-adhesive replacement gel pads are made of plastic, electrical wire, cloth and gel. They are comfortable, durable and reusable with up to 80 uses per pad. You can use them on hands, soles of feet, shoulders, waist, neck, back, arms and legs.

  1. Insert pins of the connecting wire into the wire connectors of each electrode pad
  2. Remove the pad from the protective liner
  3. Apply directly to skin and activate

Operation environment:

  • Temperature: 50°F-104°F (10°C-40°C)
  • Humidity: 30%-80% RH


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Medium Snap on Replacement Pads

Medium Snap on Replacement Pads

These Medium Snap on Tens/Ems Pads come in 5 sets. These are Snap on Pads these Pads last for 3  months use depending on use of your machine. Simply just pull of the Plastic film and apply to the skins surface around the problem area.

These Pads will fit these Brands:

Pain Relief Palace, Healthmate Forever,Hi-Dow International,Pinook,IQ Technologies

These pads are have adhesive built onto the surface of the pad for easily sticking to your no need for gels, lotions or creams.



The Prp Pro-8 tens unit is a portable device featuring dual channels so you can apply 4 tens pads to the skins
surface at once. This TENS UNIT is equipped with 8 therapeutic settings, including 20 intensity levels for
maximum strength.

This unit works well for people who suffer from these following Chronic conditions… Back and Neck Pain, Carpal Tunnel,
Headaches,Migraines,Arthritis,Sciatic Nerve Problems,Herniated and Bulging Disc and more. If you Suffer From any Pain
This Device helps Tremendously!
Prp Pro-8 is made made with quality and very affordable to the end consumer who doesn’t want
to go out and a blow a ton of money on a tens unit. Average cost of this device is $100. The best place to get this
device is at the Pain Relief Palace Company website. Why? because you get an actual 2 year warranty. Amazon and Ebay
Sellers do not tell you this but the manufacture warranty is null and void. and as you know its a headache
if you have to return back to 3rd party retailers. The Pain Relief Palace Company has a 14 day return Policy.

The Prp Pro-8 Tens modes are as follows there are 8 of them

1.Pushing 2.Acupressure 3.Feet
(works best with Reflexology shoes) 4.Shiatsu 5.Legs 6.cupping 7.Workout Mode with the 8th mode being a random mode
of the previous 7 every 15 seconds you will feel the the devicechange modes starting at mode 1.tens-unit

When you receive this Device the contents in the packaging Include 1 Prp Pro-8 Tens/Ems Control unit, 2 sets of lead wires, 2 sets of
Tens Pads,2.0 usb cable,wall charger USER MANUAL instructions and a 2 Year Warranty.

Pad Replacement is simple and easy. The longivity of the gel adhesive tens pads are about 1-2 months a set although
may vary vary from how much you sweat or how much oil your skin gives off.

How to use The Prp Pro-8 Tens/EMS Device:

1. Take the device out the box.
2. Make sure device is charged
3. Snap the Pads on to the Female end of your leads (Do this for both)
4. Plug the Male end of Leads into the Control Unit
5. Place pads on Troubled area of Body Neck, Shoulder,Legs,arms,upper/Lower back
(*Do not use if you have a Pacemaker or Pregnant) Consult with Doctor First
6.Turn the control unit on from bottom by sliding lever to the right.
7.Hold down the Plus Button to turn Intensity up to where its Comfortable
8.The top button “M’ Switches the Mode
9. The Bottom Button labeled “T” Stand for Timer This goes in increments of 10 all the way to 60
10. The Middle button is the pause button.

This Device is easy to use for anyone! Its Simple Effective and Affordable Overall I Give it 5 Stars.

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